How to Keep Working out Without Burning Out

Burnout is a looming threat that faces every athlete, resistance trainee, and runner at some point in their lives. The combination of pushing too hard, insufficient rest and recovery time, boredom, perhaps improper nutrition, and work and life stress can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed, demotivated, and uninspired in the gym. Don’t let

8 Foods You Should Get From Amazon

Amazon has become more than just a place to order electronics and video games. Believe it or not, grocery food items are now cost-effective options for Amazon shoppers. Knowing which foods you should get from Amazon when you’re trying to pinch pennies is a must. 1. Health-Food Supplements Supplements (such as protein powder, protein bars, fish


Looking for the best ab workouts? Then try this quick 15-minute circuit using four of the best moves for toning and trimming that tummy. Ab workouts don’t always have to be done lying down. In fact, the best ab exercises for women can be entirely crunch-free. You’ll build six pack muscles slowly but surely by working on

Should You Ditch Your Gym Membership for a Boutique Fitness Studio?

Gym memberships are always tempting. But they can also be intimidating. And there are a lot of boutique fitness studio cropping up, catering to specific forms of exercise and encouraging you to ditch your gym membership in favor of signing up for classes. For many people, a boutique fitness studio may be a better way

5 Athletes With Inspiring Tattoos

Many athletes that have tattoos, some are small, and others cover half their body. Most of these tattoos symbolize something for the person who got them inked, but there are some athletes who have decided to tattoo a fitness-inspired message onto their body. A tattoo that either represents their achievements or reminds them to push

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin K

Vitamin K is an important vitamin that is produced by your body and found in food. Vitamin K works to help make some proteins for your body. These proteins help to support your bones, kidneys, and blood. Vitamin K also helps to coagulate your blood. Proteins that help to clot your blood when you bleed

11 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Beans

Beans are such a nutrient-powerhouse that health experts recommend that you eat at least three cups of legumes (beans, lentils, peas) a week. The incredibly healthy little morsels of nutrition are delicious, easy to prepare, and spectacularly affordable. Let us take a look at just why beans are nature’s perfect food. Heart Healers Beans are


On the hunt for the best workout to lose belly fat? Look no more. You’ll want a workout that combines strength or resistance training and cardio–something which LEKfit, aka LA’s best-kept body secret from Lauren Kleban, does brilliantly. Never heard of it? It’s a low-key workout that you can do at home that’s currently loved by

Why You Should Beware Hand Dryers

You may have noticed that hand dryers are appearing more and more in public restrooms. But beyond the frustration of trying to use them, are they really as hygienic as they purport? Concern about the environment and the toll of paper towels has led many venues to explore new options for drying patrons’ hands. It

This Loaded Hummus is Changing the Dip Game for Good

Carrots and hummus are a classic snack, but why not turn everyone’s favourite Middle Eastern dip into a meal!  We’ve loaded up our creamy hummus with the works to bring you an inspired meal that is visually stunning and devour-worthy.  This is a party and crowd-pleasing kind of dish, but it can also double as a simple weeknight